Cottages and Cabins for Rent

Green Wilderness Lodge – Wilderness at its best. Our rustic, drive-to cottages are clean but no TVs & telephones. We have 7 lakeside housekeeping cottages plus 1 boat-to outpost cottage. Utilities are run by generator or propane. Mattagami Lake is a 40 mi. long system which is beautiful & pleasant to tour. Relax & enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is a beach close by or you can swim from the docks. We offer American Plan at the lodge for the completely relaxing vacation.

Shooting Star Camp
– Remoteness and GREAT fishing! Every angler’s dream! Whether you prefer golden walleye, hard hitting northern, acrobatic smallmouth or deep water lakes, we have something for everyone. Uncrowded waters and terrific fishing combined with comfortable, well maintained, and fully equipped outpost cabins will make this your best vacation ever.


Twin J Hide-A-Way – Located on Mattagami Lake in Gogama, we offer a variety of services starting with fishing whether it be Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike or Jumbo perch our lake has them all. There are also many trout lakes in the area that can be accessed through driving or portage. For those that like to be alone in the wilderness, we have a remote outpost camp that has all the comforts of home except for people so you can truly experience nature at it’s best.